Short and Sweet

Collect them all

I know we’ve discussed this before, but it seems to have even more priority and relevance now – – –

Perusing the digital selection of board games searching for something new and interesting for a tiny tot, it seems they just don’t make ’em like they used to do. What’s with all this silliness?

Oh I know. It’s what sells. To each his own. Again. We’re slowly acquiring a fun selection of my childhood favorites, like Candy Land and Cooties, along with some new editions, like Hoot Hoot. Making every attempt to engage her mind, turn-taking, and energy is quite the feat. I’m still learning.

Monopoly is definitely on my mini’s want to play list; no matter how many times I remind her she hasn’t mastered counting past 18, much less up to 100, the yearning is strong. I see many family spats in my future. A summer-long game will happen. Just not this summer.

As we’ve instituted a weekly game night, I’m reminded of a few childhood friends who had families do the same. Mine wasn’t one. We played games, but mostly it was between my sister, brother, and I. The tradition of Friday night pizza and board games is something I hope mini’s friends will also see the value in as they grow. If all else fails, I’ll bribe with cookies.


I ask you –

Favorite game(s)?

Thoughts on digital games, i.e. electronic games or gaming apps?

Name a fun tradition in your household!

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