Employment Perks

It’s nearing the end of my third week at the new germ-sharing factory (kidding!) so I felt as if even if you didn’t ask, you really must want to know how it’s going. Right?

First, the wildlife are rampant! I haven’t whipped out my trusty camera to take photos because base, but daily I see a jackrabbit – could it be the same one? – and once I saw a huge bull frog. Obviously I know we have many varied species of creatures wandering the plains of Texas so I’m not too surprised to see things. I did stare in shock though.

When I laugh, this is how my coworkers look at me, too

With any new employment opportunity, there’s always going to be a rather slow start. However, in my experience, a slow starts equates to for-effing-ever with every known hiccup that could happen. Ridiculous! My paperwork wasn’t correct, my credentials were invisible, the website wouldn’t allow me to change my password, AND everyone who can help me has vacated the building in favor of teleworking. For the love…

So I did what I do best. I wait. Hahaha, jokes. I have zero patience. Correction: I did what I do best; I winged it! Here’s what happens when I inevitable wing anything: it works out. Which really isn’t good news because it encourages me to wing it again next time and it continues to work. I’m an expert winger. Since I work for the high flying Air Force, “winging it” seems appropriate, do you agree?

This sums it up

Truthfully, the atmosphere is relaxed and I can wear whatever I want. Those pesky limits do exist. Pretty sure cookies are on the agenda soon – can never start too early making friends before secret Santa season. Though nice, the other employees are a hardship to my return to Keto. I wasn’t there 6 hours before a cake appeared on my desk. Day 2 included donuts. I’m such a sucker. Now I’ve figured out not to open whatever box appears and wait for a higher ranking official with a self-described sweet tooth to whisk it away behind closed doors and then I’m safe.

Occasionally I succumb. Whenever the phone stops ringing.


I ask you –

Name your favorite employee perk!

Are you also the one who has all the problems when it comes to getting started?

Thoughts on ‘winging it’?

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