The shorter version of a post aptly titled “Nuggets of Hilariously Crazy Things That Only Happen to Me”. Examples to follow.

Who can’t look up?

Working with the US Air Force reminds me of an incident at a local Verizon store while stationed in Florida. A well meaning (I’m assuming) store employee told me I was too pretty to be in the Navy; he said I was more suited for the Air Force. Both flattered and offended, I opened my big Sailor mouth and kindly flung around like confetti a favorite f-word of mine until his smile mostly disappeared to an ‘ah-ha there it is’ grimace. A real shining star, I am.

Ready for the story about the time I was investigated by Homeland Security? Of course you are!

Approximate length, of course

While preparing a paper for a class during the quest for my Master’s degree, circa 2010, read post-9/11, the assignment covered theories, opinions, and the like of terrorism groups both past and present. I was very thorough and created a masterpiece of information. Prior to the due date, I electronically submitted the paper via my student email, per the usual instructions. Several days later, I received an email from my professor stating the paper had been “embargoed due to inflammatory response and dialogue”. And they said Big Brother wasn’t real. Yeah right. I was one of three students who had been flagged by DHS. In the ensuing days, our professor implored the release of the papers with an explanation of our course, topic, and materials. The other two student’s papers were released. Mine, not so much. DHS refused, even with a request for redaction. By this point, the semester was over and I needed a grade for this mysterious paper my professor had yet to read. Ultimately, I printed a copy of said paper and had the post office specially mark it to be delivered to my professor (to be clear, all my classes were online). He gave me an A on principle. Because, seriously, if the government wouldn’t return it, it must have been good! My workplace and boss were also contacted and questioned regarding my loyalty to the US. It was quite a nerve-wracking time! The joke now is my paper ended up on former President Obama’s desk. Maybe it did. Upon joining the Navy, I was personally, extensively questioned about the above incident. And here I am today!

Puzzles also do the trick

In case you were wondering, I do still play Gummies on a daily basis, but I’ve also added a game to my repertoire. Daily Crossword Puzzles. As it has become apparent to me, the struggle to remember other’s names and tidbits of random information – mostly useless – fostered my worries which began to grow. Early onset dementia? The beginning of my memory’s end? This is how it starts? Being proactive, and sometimes logical, I believe as we age, the small boxes inside our minds began to fill up. Some of these boxes contain useless information, like a random stranger’s name or occupation, while other boxes host entire stories and all their related details. More and more boxes are added to the shelves so it takes longer to find the box necessary upon search. I think it’s a fine theory. Nonetheless, the quest to keep my memory sharp has resulted in crossword puzzles. Ehh. Ask me again in 2 years.


I ask you –

Share your most unbelievable story!

Ever been investigated? Can you say?!

Brain activities: what are your favorites?

One thought on “Nuggets

  1. Oh, I have some sea stories. Some of them are old-school, salty, sailor-man sea stories. I look forward to sharing a couple. Cheers!


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