Confession: I get anxiety when I don’t have chapstick. Or maybe it’s just panic. Is there a difference? Anyway, I have chapstick in the most random places just in case I need it. Which is always.

Such a great book suggestion!

On one of the icy days, mini woke up, looked me in the eye, and said, “I have a question. Do you breathe when you sleep?” As any good parent, I proceeded to laugh in her face. Shining moment. You just never know what she’ll say upon the sleepy haze of waking up. I may be repeating myself but once she told me, as I was trying to get her up for school, that she was a pink highlighter and to put the lid on her. Cue more laughing.

Additionally, it took me 3 days to write a paper because my focus was that of a small child suffering from ADD and I kept procrastinating. It was rough. I found every excuse to get out of writing. Finally, I realized I was placing too much pressure on myself, took a mid-day shower, and resumed. It seems to have worked.

Credit: historyinmemes via Instagram

I have a terrible habit of refusing to research questions that Dr. Google can easily answer for me. In my mind, I justify it by telling myself that I would rather consider the answer or outcome based on my own knowledge than actually find out if it’s real. So, according to the above meme, this really happened. And I’m ok with not knowing if it’s true.

Do not spoil this for me!


I ask you –

Do you love chapstick, too?

What are you reading?

Tell me one bad habit of your own!

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9 thoughts on “Habits

  1. I’m reading Hidden Figures. Just now getting into it, but I’m learning so much about how things were when the country was segregated.


  2. I happen to dislike any sort of lip ointment. I don’t like how it makes my lips feel afterwards – oily and greasy. I’m reading a mix of gardening books from container gardening to companion planting. I guess a bad habit of my own would be I forget to take care of myself when I’m busy or stressed (to a certain level).


      1. I actually wish I feel the way you do because my mom keep shoving chapsticks at me, telling me to moisture my lips. I just toss them in my drawer, remained unused to-date.


      2. I happen to live in the second driest state in the U.S and my lips frequently dry out just like my skin. Even then, I refuse to use chapstick.


  3. Do you love chapstick, too?
    I have multiple tubes of Carmex (several in the house, my gym bag, and the car). I’ll be honest and say that most end up in the dryer bc I often forget to empty my pants pockets. Some believe that beauty companies put certain preservatives in lip balm that actually makes your lips drier in the long run, causing you to use (ie buy) more of the product.

    What are you reading?
    Change Your Genes; Change Your Life (or something like that) by Dr. Pelletier (sp?)

    Tell me one bad habit of your own!
    Trying to do too much at once.


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