Christmas Catch Up

Some Christmas magic happening in N Texas!

This mini of mine is so joyous. Her love of Christmas lights, fashion, and those lovely glasses of hers just make me smile. The world needs more mini!

You know what else it needs? More tea! I found this orange tea – so amazing! Granted, it’s not coffee. Because it’s tea! But it gets me through a long night of writing and researching.

Christmas candy is a tradition in my household and our extended family. Oreo truffles, Dr. Pepper truffles, and rum balls are my favorites. Others like coconut balls and peanut butter balls. Also good but not my favorite. It’s almost cathartic to roll the mixture into a small shape then carefully dip each one into melted chocolate. I like making extra to freeze so I can enjoy them all year long. Although they don’t usually last that long. To gift or to eat by myself – that’s a different story!

Whilest waiting for mini to finish dance practice the other night, I went to the local florist to peruse. Ta-da! I’ve become a collector of Cat-decorated items. For obvious reasons but also a bit of a private story. Anyway, anything related to Cat is the equivalent of a dad joke to me. My forever mom joke, if you will. Mini doesn’t think it’s as funny as me but I persevere! Hence, this pen is perfection!

Even the title of this post is symbolic. I bet you didn’t “catch” it.


I ask you –

Do you drink tea?

Do you have any great mom or dad jokes?!

Tell me of a tradition in your life!

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