Texas Wildlife

This is most definitely not a post about actual wildlife. Instead, I’m indirectly referring to my neighborhood. There exists some neighbors who are like feral cats…projects never completed, unkemptness (made that word up), and general disdane for societal norms. Truly I couldn’t care less – haHA got it right this time – if anyone subscribes to societal norms because most are just ridiculous. However, living in an HOA is an acceptance of whatever “norms” are set forth. It only irks me a little when some are allowed to do one thing, but others can’t. Moving on, Kel.

actual wildlife

As I pride myself on being observant and having a great sense of situational awareness, the neighbors as a whole group fascinate me. Last summer there was a young man who nearly burned down a cul-de-sac because his camping “skills” and young boy appetite led him to make a fire with the intent of roasting hotdogs. Lately, the near constant running amuck of neighbor kids has ceased; I’m not sure if it’s weather related or the parents shipped the kids off to relatives for the summer. Wonder when they come back?

Then, there’s the house sans roof. Probably end of 2020 the house was stripped of shingles and eventually people came out to replace the black clothy stuff (technical term) only to disappear for… let’s see …nearly 2 years now. New shingles arrived before everyone quit and have set outside through ice storms, wind storms, and the rainy season last fall. Seeing as how I don’t know much about shingles, I’m going out on a limb to say those are probably not any good now. So, last week, more (new) shingles arrived; days later, there was a man on the roof replacing (again) what looked like the clothy stuff. A few hours later he was gone, project seemingly forgotten, and I haven’t seen him since. There’s got to be a story behind this.

Also, there’s the mystery of the perpetually lost, floating paddle boat. It’s not the only one on the lake, but it is the only one set free to float of its own accord. Is it broken? Inhabited by ghostly fish? No one knows. I’m tempted to beckon it to my shoreline so I can take a ride. Those things aren’t cheap so why would someone not take care of it?

Finally, I can’t end without mentioning naked neighbor. There have been no other instances of nakedness, to my knowledge. I’d like to keep it that way forever. However, his lonely shoes were sitting on his porch when I came back from a run one morning. Cringe.


I ask you –

What strange things happen in your neighborhood? Tell me that story again of the weird loss of satellite capabilities.

Have you ever ridden on a paddle boat?

Tell me where you keep most of your shoes! By the treadmill!

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