Staying Between the Lines

“Someone will love you, someone will love you, someone will love you. But someone isn’t me.”

unknown credit

I’m teaching my child not to accept mistreatment. She is loved and joyful. First time, shame on you. Second time, shame on me. How difficult is it really to acknowledge another’s feelings? Perhaps acknowledging your own was the problem. For those who claim communication is the most important part of any relationship, you really suck at it! Well…more the giving end than the receiving end. But then again, you suck so what did I expect.

You’re enough.

If only people would communicate their intentions. Or be honest when there’s no expectations. Did you think I wouldn’t notice? Surely there’s a fancy list of all my indiscretions again. Remember? Nothing is ever your fault.

Credit: wordporm via Instagram

So you just stop, like that? Seemed so easy. No work, no cares, no…nothing. Silence can be unbearably loud. But I couldn’t hold it together, keep going on like it didn’t hurt. Blessed numbness. Whatever you’re searching for yet haven’t found – I hope the best. I still care. Let’s make it about you. Because it always has been.

Kel, life will continue without you. So don’t let it. You are strong and capable.

OY3, out.


I ask you –

Cryptic or no?

How’s your self-talk game going? Great, why thank you for asking!

Tell me about your day!

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