Uh Oh, Here We Go

*sensitive topic* you’ve been warned…get it, get it

So let’s talk about this some –

Did you know it’s your responsibility to check the account settings of your social media accounts? Like, regularly? Aka more than once in a lifetime. Just a suggestion…

Screen shot via Instagram

Friends, the above photo isn’t new. Those settings have been in place for awhile now. Annnnnnddddddd. An email was sent before this new area went public explaining what the platform was about to do. Guaranteed most – all – deleted the email, went about their day, and never gave it a second thought. Now here we are! Surprise, surprise.

The “culture” of blaming is a source of contention. Instead of taking responsibility, it’s too easy to blame someone else. It’s not me, it’s you. I teach and preach self-responsibility to a kindergartner; make no mistake I hold the same regard for adults.

And, just for laughs: You may think I’m random, but really I’m just quick-witted! Also, I’m not late to the party. Perhaps I just choose to keep my mouth shut. Try it sometime. It’s fun! We all have an opinion, yada yada yada. Surely this won’t be the last of instances we get terribly wrong. There’s always more where that came from.

Might I suggest you open those “…we’ve updated our privacy controls…” emails.


I ask you –

Do you typically delete the above mentioned type of emails or do you open to peruse?

What does being responsible look like in your home? Mowed yard, clean bathrooms.

Share something random about yourself!

7 thoughts on “Uh Oh, Here We Go

  1. -I’d say it’s about a 50/50 shot of opening vs deleting. One of my issues (see, I’m blaming myself), is not controlling my inbox. Sometimes, I receive so much junk mail that I do a bulk purge and semi important things might get deleted. One of these days, I need to takeout some time to unsubscribe and filter out dumb emails.

    -Responsibility in the home: I guess a place that is not too messy. Of course, the level of messiness is subjective.

    -Random fact about myself: Legally, I do not have a middle name. In my dad’s home country, Ghana, folks tend to combine the middle name with the family’s surname. When my dad came to the States, I guess he followed that pattern. The hyphenated name (1st part begins with an O; 2nd part begins with an S) works well for potlucks where dishes are based on last names.


  2. I hardly open any emails, but my socials are set pretty liberally. Occasionally I’ll see a pretty graphic post – and that doesn’t bother me because I signed up to see everything, but I’ve found lately anything affecting children (news, jokes, or otherwise) really bothers me. Guess that’s one of the things that changes when you have kids.
    And responsibility at my house usually just means ensuring mommy has enough wine.


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