Say No More – Short and Sweet

You know what’s hard? So glad you asked. Pause. I feel as if I ask that same question here a lot. My blog, my rules. Unpause. Peopling. Peopling is hard! It drains you of life-saving patience and sucks the will to be nice right out of your soul. Dramatic, much?

Here me out. When you spend days on end peopling it becomes laborious and exhausting. Pause. Did you know when I write part whatever (insert a number) in a post title, I’m totally making that up? Who knew?! Unpause. Sometimes peopling continues for days without ceasing. Just when you think it’s over, you remember the oil change you haven’t gotten yet. Not you, I mean me.

As I found myself waiting in a semi-crowded service center lounge, strangers wanted to make small talk. I loathe small talk. Pause. I need to practice my RBF. Unpause. Why can’t people catch the not-so-subtle signs I’m half hazardly watching this super interesting show on home demolition whilst zoning out to my gummy game? No, I don’t want to talk about the weather either.

Clearly I’m grumpy and allowing my hormones to take over what is normally my calm and forgiving sparkle of a personality. All hail the ice cream queen!


I ask you –

Is peopling also difficult for you?

Opinions on small talk?

Tell me your 100% foolproof way to prevent strangers from striking up a pointless conversation!

3 thoughts on “Say No More – Short and Sweet

  1. Sounds like somebody needs a hug. I’m not much on small talk either, especially w strangers in a place I don’t want to be. I try not to make eye contact. Your problem is, you are just so darn cute that everyone wants to know you. It must be a curse. 😏


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