Mary, You May Call Me Martha!

The 5am wakeups have been… something. At first it’s exciting, then by day 3, it’s a ‘oh lookie, 5am again’. I love the mornings, but pre-sunrise takes some getting used to when you haven’t done it in awhile. Practice makes perfect, right?

Streaking is going well, too. Much to the benefit of my neighbors, I have been dressing appropriately for each run. The only person to complain was that one guy. The weather has been quite cooperative with my goals!

wayyyyy too much going on here

While helping a friend with a job search, I came across a listing for a “Laundry Manager” at a nearby maximum security prison. Cue the hysterical laughing. Truly funny to me was the fact I made jokes about my own title; motherhood is full of little quirks. Needless to say, I don’t think my friend was interested. Entertained, yes; interested, no. I understand.

Do you know how hard it is to submit for a copyright? Perhaps hard isn’t the correct word; try tedious, overwhelming, nerve-wracking. Don’t mess it up because you pay a lot of money for it! Hopefully it will be worth it. Just another step toward a dream. What’s the worst that could happen? Resubmit? Ok, so that really would be the worst.

For more than a week, the phrase “Who Am I?” circled around me. First, I noticed it during the course of a conversation. Then, it was spoken in a song. Finally, I read it in print. Unsure of its context – question or statement – there is much meaning to some very sincere questions I have had lately. Maybe this happens to you, my dear reader, at points in your own life when you’re unsure of the correct path. Or maybe it doesn’t and I’m just weird.

It’s nothing short of miraculous hearing about a chance encounter between two people that turns into the opportunity of a lifetime. No spoilers. The Courage to Run is a profound and inspiring documentary about the late Gabe Grunewald and Chip Gaines. You may have no desire to ever run 500 feet much less a marathon, but watch the show anyway. Bring Kleenex.

As I’m currently lacking in fun catchphrases to round out this messy post, hope you all have a wonderful day!

P.S. It took nearly 6 1/2 hrs for my computer to update and restart yesterday. If ever there was a license to be able to own electronic devices, mine would surely be revoked.


I ask you –

What time do you typically wake up?

Copyright, or of the like, advice? Patience, perhaps?

Name something you’ve watched lately which really inspired you! And then restart your computer. Don’t be like me.

2 thoughts on “Mary, You May Call Me Martha!

  1. I assume it was a rhetorical question on copyright or you were asking the lazy web? For US, it is an online application form to fill out and pay the $45 registration fee. There some other fees too but I don’t know when they are needed to be paid. I defer to the lazy web to answer that. Yes patience


    1. Hey, Antin! Not to worry – it was rhetorical. I found the info I needed, paid quiet a bit more than the registration fee, and submitted. The cost wasn’t so much the problem as the instructions to file the copyright – you pay before you submit so if you incorrectly submit, you’re out of luck. So much fun.


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