Race Recap!

Picturesque scenery

First, we’re pretty lucky to have been able to participate in a race this year. Nearly everything except trail races were cancelled and some road races may not even be returning until 2022. Originally my childhood best friend and I had our sights set on Rock ‘n Roll San Antonio the first weekend of December. Until about 2 weeks before the scheduled start, everyone was saying it was a go. Thankfully, by that time, Morgan and I had decided to swerve right a little in order to register for the Stars at Night Half Marathon near the Natural Bridge Caverns in NE San Antonio.

post-run, pre-pain

Allow me to disclaim as I sit here the morning after reflecting on this race, I need to up my game. Hills. Ugh. I’m a big dummy for not considering if we run in Hill Country there will be…hills. Kel, really? Sadly, I was not prepared, but, thankfully, Morgan was. My hips feel like I tried to smash them between plywood in order to create something new, something altogether too small. Mid-race I made jokes about walking like two old ladies. HaHA, joke’s on you.

Deer kept us company

There were a few sketchy stretches on course: we felt lost once; had to navigate a flooded portion which took us through a large culvert and across pallets and one large rock; and ran alone in a winding, wooded forest for approximately 2 miles. Now we know why headlamps and lights were required. Overall, it was a lot of fun and running with Morgan is always a pleasure.

Sunset photo ops

The resort hotel was beautiful; although I didn’t get any photos of the swimming area, suffice to say it was also gorgeous. A much needed racecation!

Snow globe medal!


I ask you –

Do you regularly train for hills or elevated surfaces?

What’s been your craziest off-course moment? We weren’t technically off course, but it sure felt like it.

Thoughts on racecations?

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