Reflect and Deflect

Anyone else feel like October is running them over? Oh great, it’s just me.

my version of Bridges of Madison County

Maybe it’s the change in weather – love! – or the promise of new races – or not – or the upcoming UFC battles – we call them debates – or all the activities I somehow committed to – what were you thinking, Kel? Probably a small bit of them all. Either way, I’m tired and we’ve only just begun.

I’ve packed my calendar to the very edge of its sanity and mine; now I’m having second thoughts. It can be tough keeping the same momentum there was when I first said ‘I’ll do it!’

Now I sit here in the quiet stillness of the morning, drinking liquid joy (have you tried vodka in a coffee cup? recommend!), evaluating the schedule in front of me. Quickly I remind myself to be thankful I’m able to have this moment before the whirlwind that is my mini awakes and off we go again.

And I hear a whisper. There’s some new wine in the cabinet.


I ask you –

Is October a gear up or gear down month for you?

Do you have a habit of overextending yourself?

Funny thing is I rarely drink. It’s just fun to make jokes about it.

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