Looking Out From the Throne, I Now See…

It looks different for everyone

In response to a few questions and comments I received about a prior post when I referred to “mental, physical, and spiritual growth”, I’d like to provide some clarification.

There are two topics I have stayed away from on Running on Fumes: politics and religion. My goal is to never exclude someone based on any kind of discriminatory trait. Never. No way. No how. Not acceptable. Ever.

Now that I’ve said all these things, I want to reiterate to my readers my support of whatever you decide to live, be, and believe. Have at it. As long as it doesn’t hurt you or others, do your thing. And I’ll do mine.

In figuring out the track my life is on, I decided to consult with a really amazing group of people I spend time with approximately once a week. My church “friends”. Clearly we don’t know each other outside of that establishment, but they smile and laugh with me so I think we’re pretty steady now. Then they invited me to a small group titled “Freedom”. Freedom? From what? I am free. I fought for freedom. Why do I need to attend such a group?


Unbeknownst to me, it has become exactly what I need when I need it. I’m not only learning about myself but also my belief system. Double win. For more than a decade, the self-titled version of me would be agnostic. It’s not the same as atheism, look it up. I believed there was a God, or even multiple gods, but science prevailed and the ultimate decision making was up to us mortals. I didn’t need to believe in a higher power because I was the ruler and controller of my life, good or bad.

The Holy City, Wichita Mountains

Adult enough to admit it, I now understand I have major control issues, am a rule maker, and envisioned God as a throne-perched ruler who judges us above mentioned mortals with a condescending eye. How wrong I was. “We are blessed to bless others.” And to give of our time, money, and self is the ultimate worship.

The Holy City, Wichita Mountains


I ask you –

What is your belief system?

Have your spiritual views changed over time? Perhaps multiple times?

What mantra do you live by?

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