…of the spring persuasion

Is it possible I am the only one who believes as soon as dusk arrives Christmas Day we should be transported into Spring? I can always hear that extra hour of daylight calling my name.

Jonquils aka Daffodils

Stupid groundhog should retire, too. Oh, Phil, you know not. Fairly certain you’ve outlived your usefulness and are now a source of ridicule and bad vibes. Except when you tell me spring will come early. Then I believe in you. But if it’s the other fortune let’s move on.

East Texas treasures

I crave daylight, sunshine, and warmth. Even though there’s a lost hour of sleep, I’ll take it!

Let’s get real. Time change once had a noble purpose. Circa 1918, it was intended to save electricity due to the extra hour of sunlight. To date, many people have advocated for the abolishment – and a few states have succeeded. Arizona, here I come!


P.S. it’s my birthday this week!

I ask you –

Would you rather spring forward or fall back?

Did you know Spring Break in Texas traditionally falls the week of my birthday? Party bummer, for sure.

Favorite flower?