Connection of Compassion

Compassion can be found anywhere

Recently, I had a powerful conversation with a very important woman in my life. The discussion centered on self-compassion and finding forgiveness. We also touched upon the saying “no one sin is worse than another”. Not to worry, I won’t be delving into religion on this blog, because religion starts wars and I’m not much for confrontation.

As life is not black and white, I’m truly a master of shockery here, aren’t I?, it is more than fitting we find the connection between our emotional selves and our physical selves. There will be times when your world is turned upside down and finding time for yourself is a puzzle of a million pieces. Lately it’s been like this for me, too. At one point I realized I couldn’t remember the last meal I’d eaten, but I knew for sure it was more than 24 hours ago. You see, it’s too easy for me to fall into a pattern of forgetting to take care of myself. One more task leads to another…another…and here we start a cycle of behavior. Will you catch me saying no I can’t take on another task? Of course not; and that’s my downfall.

I want to work out today. I’ve had this great leg workout planned for days and bouncing between two clubs, both Las Colinas and Roanoke, has been hard mentally. My mind drifts to all the things I need to be doing: paperwork, update something, call people, etc. Juggling tasks comes easy. Adding myself in there does not. So here I am, tea and almonds beside me, snacking to alleviate the hunger issue and typing to enjoy me time. Writing is obviously me time. And I get paid to do it. Win!

one of THOSE weeks

Compassion is finding forgiveness and understanding not only in others but also in yourself. Bad days happen. Here is where it gets a little gray. How do we forgive ourselves for not completing the proverbial self to-do list? I really don’t have that answer. Pardon me for letting you down. Truthfully, I’m still finding it out on my own. Today’s fantastically planned leg workout may not happen. I have to accept that and make plans for tomorrow or the next day or even Monday. Practice compassion, Kel. The woman I mentioned above said it will come easier the more I practice forgiving myself. Today…I may have to accept not getting it all done. That workout will still be waiting for me tomorrow. Anytime Fitness is 24/7 for me. There’s a constant in this life we can always count on: change.


I ask you –

Do you struggle making time for yourself?

What often gets pushed off your own to-do list?

Advice for those of us struggling to make time for ourselves?

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