Music and Curse Words (maybe together…maybe not)

All the best medical journals swear by cursing. See what I did there. Hilarious, Kel! But I’m serious. Did you know there are health benefits to cursing? Although I can’t advocate cursing in a professional atmosphere, there is a time and place to successfully incorporate cursing into your life. If you so choose. I do choose!

Perhaps surprisingly cursing may be responsible for pain relief: a very real aspect of creative language. According to some medical professionals, swearing activates the fight or flight reflex which dulls our pain receptors. However, before you go around swearing up a storm, there is one caveat to the pain relief effects. Those who swear regularly become desensitized to the words used; therefore, true pain relief benefits are mostly noticed in those who don’t curse much, if at all. Well d**n. I still believe in mind over matter though so I will continue to believe this works and use curse words strategically in my conversations. Not to worry, boss, I am a well-controlled curser.

Next topic: Music.


Researchers have found listening to fast-paced music can increase a runner’s ability to complete a run. Music also benefits brain receptors in those dealing with depression and stress and sleep issues. There’s even music therapy as a tool for pain management! Music is literally the soundtrack of our very lives. Haha see, I did it again! Think back to any moment in your life. Most likely you’ll be able to correlate a particular song, beat, or tune to that event. There’s a reason break up playlists exist. Turn on the radio and you can quickly identify an event in your life that corresponds to a song. A previous co-worker describes it as a “jukebox in her head”. It rotates not by how many quarters you insert, but by what’s going on at the moment.

Interestingly, a name does exist for when a song is on repeat in your mind. Earworms. Yes, that’s the fancy word for it; no, I did not make it up. The scientific term is Involuntary Musical Imagery (INMI). Some believe it is essentially our brain singing. Don’t tell me you don’t think that isn’t cool. Related, the most common type of personality to get earworms are those who exhibit neurotic and obsessive-compulsive tendencies. Joke’s on you!

What my mind looks like – jumbled pages of music

So where does all this leave us? With this gem –

Listening to music with curse words in it or songs that make us curse (not in an aggressive way) must be the next big hit! 3rd time in a blog post – Kel, wow! Soon enough I’ll have some extra letters behind my name and this will be my starring role! I invented the premise behind all health and wellness by giving the advice of listening to songs that make us swear. Ta-Da!

According to my co-workers and members, these songs are easiest to get stuck in your jukebox, just based on one line: remember to sing these as you read through so we don’t suffer alone

I would walk 500 miles!

What is love?

Shot through the heart!


I ask you this –

Are you plagued by earworms?

Do you overall enjoy faster or slower-paced music?

Cursing – yes or no?

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