Customer Service + Plan of the Day

In the Navy, our daily tasking was called POD (pronounced pee-oh-dee), not to be confused with pod (of the tea or low hanging fruit variety). In my infinite, worldly experience (don’t laugh now, the jokes get better), I have found not every corporation runs like the well-oiled machine of the US government. Unfortunate, I’m certain. “eye roll

So even though we don’t call our daily tasks a fancy name like POD, businesses, like the military, strive to deliver excellent customer service. Ok, ok, the military doesn’t really put customer service at the forefront of its plan. Let’s be real. We serve to protect our country and those of our allies. Period. Customer service? Eh. Not so much. But I digress.

Is it a secret if it’s written for everyone to see? Hmmm…

My goal is amazing customer service – to give each member and guest an experience like no other. Business owners will tell you this is the top priority, as it should be. People want to feel like they are the only ones who matter when standing in front of you. You are the expert. They the eager learner. It can be tough to balance wants/needs of a customer, but a good listener can almost always decipher what’s being said vs not said. We must read the body language and other non-verbal cues of a member/guest to give them what they came for. Sometimes humor doesn’t sell. I’m more upset than you!

Listening is the hallmark trait of customer service. What did you say?! I say again… Navy speak. It’s not so much about information you are providing, but delivery of said information and the only way to accurately convey it is to listen first, speak second. Imagine a world where humans considered then re-considered what they’d like to say before eliciting a single syllable. Just imagine!

Customer service is much like chess.

My entire point is this: in order to form a connection with members and guests in a customer service field, one must open their ears and close their mouth to give the customer a chance to state what it is they need. The POD will never serve a purpose if we don’t feel heard, truly heard. It should include amplifying information necessary for the reader to understand what is expected.

At Anytime Fitness, we strive to be the best at giving our attention to our members. Without a POD, the Navy is just floating aimlessly. Are you prepared to answer the proverbial call?


I ask you –

Do you think some people are more suited than others for customer service professions?

Are you introverted or extroverted?

Tell me a time you received exceptional service!

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