A Day in the Life / My Day in Pictures

Generally, my day starts around 5:30am. In the Navy, the day started at oh-dark-thirty and ended whenever you collapsed exhausted into your rack (aka bed). I should probably write a whole post on Navy lingo.

Coffee, preset before bed so all I’m required to do is push the magic button. Heavy cream. Sugar-free syrup. Check!

Gummy Drop. I log in each morning to get my daily reward. At the time of this writing, I’ve been able to successfully get my reward for 360 days. I have a mild addiction to what I affectionately call “Gummies”. I’ve been playing for at least 4 years, perhaps longer. Don’t judge me! Everyone has something and this is my thing. As a walking gummy-knowledge aficionado, my mastery is indicative of perseverance. And ridiculous stupidity. Again, we all have something; this just happens to be mine. At last look, I’ve successfully completed 10 Gummy cities and countless special locations or holiday reward cities. It entertains me and keeps my anxiety at bay. Win/win!

Normally, I shower while my coffee cools and finish the cup during my exhaustive hair and makeup routine. Side note: currently accepting applications for a hair dresser and makeup artist duo. Since I have a grand total of 2 hairstyles (Up. Down.) and exclusively wear neutral eyeshadow, dark brown eyeliner, and brown mascara, the duties shouldn’t be too difficult for a qualified person. I work at a gym; not a boutique.

I dress in the classic uniform of the day. (Usually black) Anytime Fitness-sanctioned shirt, form-fitting undershirt (body after baby requires some coaching, post forthcoming), black pants, and Saucony shoes. Brand loyalty, people. I’m a creature of habit. Then, I head back into the kitchen to assemble my sustenance for what will keep me from becoming a hangry monster in public. If my husband knows what’s good for him, he’ll have ensured an endless supply of chopped, grilled chicken waits for me in the refrigerator. Lunch usually consists of some leftover from the night before that hubby and munchkin have eaten followed by a chicken salad for dinner since I have zero problem eating the exact same thing every day of the week. Creature. Habit. Sometimes my internal sweet tooth insists I bring to work a dessert; I also keep a secret stash of dark chocolate in my office for unbearable situations. Shhhh, don’t tell anyone.


About 2 1/2 hours before my scheduled work day, I wake everyone up and run for the door. I’m kidding! Kisses, loves, and play time with my little munchkin then I run for the door. She’ll most likely be asleep when I get home. It can be difficult working with a long commute, but I know my family understands how important Anytime Fitness is in my life. There are closer locations to where I live, but they aren’t Anytime Fitness Roanoke and this is where I’m meant to be.

Look, Mom, no hands!

The drive. This is how everyone refers to it, including myself. The drive. Roughly 2 hours of mainly highway miles. At least it’s 75 mph! I pass the same highway patrol each day, traverse the same speed traps each day, and curse at the same drivers each day. But at least it’s 75 mph! It’s the little things in life.

Now I can workout! What better place to do it than the gym I work at? By getting to work early, I’m virtually guaranteeing I can complete a solid 30 min strength routine. Some days I switch it up and run on the treadmill instead. My trusty treadmill at home hasn’t seen much action lately, but I’m sure she knows she’s my first love. You don’t refer to your home equipment with a female pronoun? How rude. If I’ve managed my day very well and the stars align, there’s a possibility of getting in another 30-60 min workout later in the day, but since my boss keeps expanding my to-do list…I hope they know I’m a jokester. Ooops.

What workout? I do a lot of this…

Work day. The end.

Just kidding! Unless you think I sleep in the back or under my desk, for some reason I’m still expected to make “the drive” back home. Ehhh, details. Most nights, I get home shortly before 9pm. If munchkin is still awake, we cuddle and talk about her day. She usually asks “Did you meet any people today?” which starts a rousing game of Let Me Tell You the Wildest Story of the Day! Side note: is anyone interested in reading some of the stories I could tell about the strange goings-on that happen within a gym? If there’s interest, and even if there’s not, I may put something together for entertainment purposes only. Eventually, I’m settled enough to take myself to bed and start it all over again tomorrow.


I don’t know if this was as exciting as you thought it might be. Maybe you even feel completely underwhelmed after having suffered through this monotony of boringness. At the very least, I hope I’ve inspired you to a) never ever make fun of those who choose to drive long distances to fuel their passion, b) remember that our law enforcement officers put up with a lot, and c) share your own story of routine or hilarity!


I ask you –

Share yourself with me! I’m always listening!

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