Running Man + Tattoos + Do You Have Brand Loyalty?

Anytime Fitness CEO Chuck Runyon uses the phrase ROEI (return on emotional investment). Similar to ROE (return on investment), ROEI is the backbone of a company, except it includes an immeasurable aspect: emotion. How can it be a company staple if you can’t quantify it, you ask? Because health is more than a number.

All about the numbers.

Medical professionals will state your health in terms of blood pressure, a pain level on a scale of 1-10, or what your lab results indicate in numeric form.

A personal trainer or H2i will ask you how you feel and fully expect you to state an adjective, like happy, tired, sick, or amazing. Pretty sure those aren’t all adjectives; work with me here. This is the difference between charting numbers and evaluating emotions.

“How do you feel?”

ROEI is the idea that people continue coming back to Anytime Fitness for more than the measurable results; they do it for themselves. Do you remember when you graduated or got married or stood on a stage before thousands of other people and then they CLAPPED for you? Funny story: Munchkin once crossed the finish line at a race, received her well-deserved clapping, grabbed a banana, then repeated the finish line routine 4 more times just so the spectators would clap again and again…and again…and again…you get the idea. The feeling you get from other people cheering you on is incredible! Recognizing a sense of accomplishment is the great part about human nature. Cheer for others! Encourage them! Clap!

At Anytime Fitness, we support you. If you’ve had a bad day because you received a phone call with hard news or you walked into work and received a pay raise, we want to hear about it all. This is the return on your emotional investment. I’m invested in not only your health, but also your life. I want to share in your accomplishments and your downfalls. My members are just as much a part of my family as my own biological family.

So where do tattoos fit into this?

Chuck Runyon (& Son Charlie), Anytime Fitness CEO

People get tattoos for a variety of reasons. Brand loyalty can be one of those reasons. Logo tattoos, like the Running Man, isn’t necessarily about the brand – it can be about what the company represents to the tattoo holder. Or maybe they just like the color purple!


I’m sad to say I don’t know anyone personally who has the Running Man tattoo on his/her body. I did briefly meet one woman who has the tattoo, but I can’t say I know much about her (I met her at a Vitals event). I do have it on good authority July 17th is National Tattoo Day. If this blog post receives 13 comments, I will personally go get my very own Running Man tattoo during the month of August.


I ask you –

What brands are you loyal to?

Do you have any tattoos?

Leave a comment and if I receive at least 13 I will get my very own Running Man tattoo!