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My first thought upon the titling was is this copyrighted? That’s how you know you’re a writer! When your original thinking pertains to the fact you don’t want to impose on anyone’s creative property. I don’t think it is. Let’s continue.

New York, New York

A wonderful friend of mine, Dan, whom I’ve mentioned before, sent me this caption-less photo some time ago (aka without going back searching for an exact date, I can’t exactly remember). New York is iconic. The rush and hustle of so many humans packed into one small city. An entertainment hub of importance. Not to mention a great sparkly ball falls from the sky every December 31st to commemorate a new year! And the way kindness, humility, and strength formed an impenetrable shield in the face of an event that forever changed not only the city but the world. Just… wow.

One voice

I’ve only driven past New York, briefly got lost in New Jersey, went ice skating in Connecticut, and spent a very short weekend in Baltimore. Washington DC was incredible and full of history. These are each world renowned places mentioned in textbooks and constantly crossing our media channels. But there’s also much beauty in the tucked away cities far from the Eastern seaboard.

And one of these I am excited to vacation at again! It would seem the sea has always called my name, beckoned me to dip my toes in its warm water, unfurled my hand while the sand pours through my fingers. A “vacation” is the sun, sea, and copious amounts of seafood. Indeed I am thankful to the Navy I was able to live where many people simply visit. Opportunity knocks on even the commoner’s door.

South Padre Island – I will see you soon. Too many years have passed. My tiny human has never experienced the wonders of the Gulf of Mexico – the blue and green foam riding atop the water, soft sand beneath your feet, and the incredible crabs traversing a starlit, nighttime beach. I haven’t even started on the food descriptors!

Isn’t this why we work? To play? To share our happiness and passion with those we love? Everyone needs a vacation. I realize our work culture overstates this “need” to do, go, produce. But the real need is to relax, recharge, and experience life.

And I intend to do just that!


I ask you –

When was your last vacation? Oh, about 9 years ago

What does an ideal vacation look like to you? Where? With whom?

Share your vacation photos with me, please!