Healthy Roads, take me home…to the bod, I belong!

As I write this from the passenger seat of a 6 hour turnaround road trip – I realize it’s very difficult to make healthy choices on the road. Did I mention I just stopped at a convenience store in my semi-hometown of Avery, TX and purchased a chimichanga from the 7-11? To be clear, these are the only chimichangas I’ve ever eaten and they’re a treat to my eating habits. Point made.

Speeding laws? Who needs them!

Healthy highway food options can be limited. But not impossible. With proper planning (which I clearly did none of) making healthy choices while traveling is completely doable. Every place has an option or alternative to the regular menu. And even if they don’t, it’s up to you to keep marching toward your goals. Where there’s a will and all that.

Research is important. I don’t enjoy eating fast food or eating out at all really so I have to make plans. I need to know what’s along my route, when we’ll be there, and what kind of mood I’m in. Because we all know the female mindset is dictated at times by mood.

Mood notwithstanding – another option is bring your own snacks! I’m notorious for having snacks in my purse. You just never know when an urge for plain, boring, no salt added, raw almonds will hit. You mean that urge never hits? Ohhhh. In any case, snacks are always in season! Fruit snacks for the mini and almonds for me. Personally, I like trail mix. Other choices are granola bars, cereal mixes, cheese, and/or beef jerky. At best, these snacks prevent you from stopping to indulge in fast food until you can get home. We stop for nothing!

The title of this post? So glad you asked! Munchkin is obsessed with the John Denver song “Take Me Home, Country Roads” and sings it endlessly. My favorite part is her rendition of the lyrics that go something like this: West Virginia, Mountain Mommy. Now you have earworms. You’re welcome.

Earworm enjoyment – when I can get my Munchkin’s version uploaded, I will update!


I ask you –

Any songs you’re currently stuck on?

Did you read my post about earworms? If not, check it out!

How do you make healthy nutritional choices while traveling?

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