What Members Want / How To

We’re not going to be everyone’s cup o’ tea. Not only is it an unrealistic goal, but it’s also impractical. Where would we put them all?! Anytime Fitness is not a big box gym; it’s not a pack-em-in-and-stack-em-high facility; we’re not made for that.

2 people, not 2,000

What’s more important to you: a gym with every amenity known to man (most of which you’ll never use or didn’t even know was there) or a smaller place with a home-like atmosphere where the manager knows your name and you’re able to get in/get out in a reasonable amount of time? Not to mention the humor you receive! Only you can decide.

From the gym manager’s desk: I love how Anytime Fitness brings together people from all walks of life. You all have the most incredible stories of companionship, overcoming adversity, and success of anyone I’ve ever met.

Teamwork makes the dream work

Funny how you find people like yourself when you walk in the door, right? You made this time to feel good and work on you. Oh look! There’s others here doing the same thing. Are you going to work upper body today? Oh look! I’ve never seen the personal trainer demonstrating that exercise before; let me ask him/her for some advice. Do you need to update your information? Oh look! We have extended hours so we can reach more members who need our assistance. P.S. You can call me, too.

Building a local following amidst a national brand like Anytime Fitness is a feat like no other. But it’s so worth it! To experience and be a part of the impact a gym can make in someone’s life is life-changing in its own right.

And can we brag on the secure access for a minute, please? Hello, that’s so awesome! I can walk in the member door at any time of the day or night and know I’m safe and secure while focusing on myself. I know if I need help, it’s only a phone call away. We enforce the members-only access rules because we believe your safety is the top priority (second is your health). Just because the office isn’t open every hour of every day doesn’t mean you should be weary of working out alone.

Don’t forget your security access key!

What about training? Truthfully, anyone can be strong. Even me! But did you know strength and being functionally fit are quite different? In the Navy, we call it “operational fitness”; although it’s nice to be big and strong, the Sailors who do well are the ones who are operationally able to do it all. Swim, lift, run, pick up heavy things, and seemingly never tire. This functional fitness ideal translates to everyone because if you can’t transport your groceries from your car into your home…how do you survive daily life? Anytime Fitness believes in functional training. We believe in your health. We know it takes some work, but you can be a rockstar at every activity placed in front of you. Operation Rockstar Status! (I meant you, not me). I’m like a snail being chased by a tiger.


I ask you –

Have you ever worked out in the middle of the night? Was there anyone else here?

Who is your workout buddy? Are they an Anytime Fitness member, too?

What’s your favorite part of Anytime Fitness: the lack of crowds, the 24/7 access, the group training program, or something else?

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