Plans off the Rails

You know those nights you go to bed with a lofty plan for the following day? You’re feeling strong and rested, usually coming off a great weekend, and you set Monday’s goals high because at the moment you just know this week will be your best.

And then Monday happens. 
Inaccurate depiction of what time my alarm clock actually goes off

You wake up feeling tired, but it’s ok because at least the coffee pot works. You get to the gym earlier than expected. In my case, I get to work earlier than expected and I know it’s going to be a GOOD day! I’ve got all this time to work out. It’s just me and my headphones. Then you look down and Monday happens.

Where’s my running shoes? Where’s my sports bra? F***. Monday happened.

This story started out in third person and has quickly become real life. My apologies. Monday, you know?

I’m wearing shoes. They could even be considered running shoes. But they’re not THE running shoes I wear to…run. They’re my work shoes. It’s different!

And no sports bra? Ha. Ha. Hahahahhaha! Right. Monday happened.

So what do you do? Do you pack up and leave? Turn around and walk out? Go to work early? (Not quite an option for me.) No. None of the above. You get on the treadmill to make the most of this Monday. Movement is more productive than sitting. My body moved continuously for 30 mins today. It was not the workout I’d planned nor was it what I had hyped myself up to complete today. But it was something.

And sometimes something is better than letting Monday win.


What day of the week does your “Monday” most seem to happen?

When this happens, do you think you give up on your plans more often than push through to completion?

If you had a personal assistant, what 2 chores/duties/tasks would you assign to them to help make your Monday easier?

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