Day by Day

If you look back on where fitness, nutrition, or health plays a role in your life, many can say it began at childhood. Others might say it only began recently or even after a terrible string of events. What we all have in common is that the journey is uniquely ours. The priority changes weekly, daily, hourly, but it’s always something in the back of our mind. Our health MEANS something to us. Here is where I’ll tell the story of many I have met along my own path to health. Since Anytime Fitness reaches an audience far and wide, intrastate and globally, it’s no surprise the stories will span years. Think of your own generation. The older you get, the more you revel in the days of old, the simpler times, the lost and forgotten. I’ll share Anytime Fitness history, how we got here today, and all the details of what makes notes from the gym manager’s desk relevant to you. Let the Journey Begin!

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