Lost Your Motivation? Join the Club!

Look for the bigger picture

Ever find yourself in the dumps of motivation?

Looking for something successful to build you back up?

Have no fear! The answers are here.

Oh. Sorry. I didn’t mean right here. Not in this blog anyway.

Here refers to within you, among those who share your same values, beside your gym partner, your confidante, your person.

Here is why Anytime Fitness subscribes to our own brand of functional fitness and to a group of like-minded individuals sweating alongside you in group training. Group is where it’s at, literally! You know what you can find in a group training atmosphere?

  • Motivation…
  • Structure…
  • Accountability…
  • Fun…
  • Support…

Don’t believe me? Try it out for yourself. I guarantee working out in a group will bring you a new spin on life. It’s where I got my start. My very first trainer, a huge build of a man named Ronnie, was a beast in the gym. His unconventional way of attracting clients was fire. (not fire, but FIRE!) He’d stand in the lobby of the fitness chain I belonged to at the time and recruit men and women to come to his class twice a week. I’m not sure if I said yes because I really wanted to reach my goals or because I was scared he would kill me when he realized I never showed up. More of the latter than the former.

Back to Ronnie. Turns out he played for the NFL in the 80’s. Let me paint you a picture. Easily 6’4″, all of 285 lbs, booming voice, and legs resembling a massive oak tree. Scared, yet? I was. Pretty sure he also charmed us into going to his class – what a smile he had! And his charisma was bar none! Hmmpphh.

Ronnie Williams

Ronnie gave me my first introduction to group training. On Monday and Wednesdays, for a solid 90 mins, I sweat with 3 other ladies and occasionally the one man. These ladies (and occasional one man) taught me much about myself. Perseverance, ability, and strength, to name a few. Those women would kill it at these workouts! From dead lifts, to shrugs, to high intensity interval training, or HIIT, to sprints – we did it all. Many of us lost weight, enhanced our assets if you know what I mean, and developed incredible muscle tone, but above all we formed a partnership of motivating each other. We did it with each other because of each other. No one wanted to let anyone else down so even on the worst days we continued to fight.

Group training. That’s what it is about. Fighting with each other, for each other, for yourself. Your trainer is a medium for facilitating these traits within you.

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