As I’m in the bowels of finance and budgeting, let’s look at how much time I spend working on schoolwork. Approximately 3 hrs per day, 5 days a week. Substantially more on weekends, totalling about 10 hours, 15 if there’s a holiday from work. For fun, we’ll say 1 holiday per month. Where was I? Ok, 15 hrs per work week, add 10 equals 25 hours per week. I’m not good at this. 25 hours times 4 weeks per month is 100 hours. Now the holiday. If it’s a workweek holiday, then the difference is an additional 2 hours. I believe I’m at 102 hours +/- 2 hours. Right?

My point is there was a time, recently in fact, I couldn’t comprehend how many hours per week I spent training for a race. Big reveal. It could have been no more than 5 hours/week. Max. A whole 20 hours each month. It really puts it into perspective.

Also, I bought a new book I must make time to read. Along with the other 2 on the shelf. Probably should have waited to purchase it but I was overcome with joy at the new release section.

You know what was not overjoying? Finding out the professor uploaded the wrong spreadsheets, instructions, and information to complete an assignment. I spent the week begging other people to help me with creating some bar charts and pie graphs because I couldn’t get them to compute properly. Gee, wonder why. So I had 11 pages of useless words. Here’s hoping I can reuse the writing in a different assignment. But probably not because that’s how my luck works.

At least I’m not as dumb as I thought I was to be completely inept at Excel. This time it really wasn’t my fault.


I ask you –

How many hours do you spend doing discretionary things?

Read any good books lately?

On a scale of 1 to I-really-want-to-yell, how angry do you think I am? Answer: sometimes I add to the list of people I wish I could run over.

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