Office Life

When I get home and the question is posed “Mom, how was your dayyyy?”, I have approximately 3.8 seconds to come up with a good explanation. Bonus points for a wild story.

Locked out of my office

Masks provide better conversation now than asking about the weather. My favorite is a gentleman who asks where’s my gun. Nothing like some good bank robber humor. (rolling my eyes dramatically)

afternoon walking grounds

It’s a joke now when I’m asked “How was lunch?” I eat lunch at my desk. Instead of going out for lunch – because I usually eat the same salad everyday anyway – I go upstairs and pace the halls aka walk for an hour. If my building had windows, I’d find out beforehand if it’s a nice day to go outside. Since it doesn’t, I just go to the third floor. Several years ago, the building I worked in had an entire floor with a ‘walking track’ around the outside; it was perfect. It also had windows so there you go.

my latest award

I truly can’t complain. Teleworking has many perks so the days I need to apply makeup and button my pants isn’t a hardship. But if I had to choose, the pants buttoning is my least favorite. Our office often discusses how we can’t imagine how we did this before; you know, the working all the time stuff. Really. How did we do it, everyday, 5 days a week? There’s going to be some really grumpy people if/when it ever happens again.


I ask you –

Do people make mask jokes where you work?

Which is you: a) eat at your desk or b) go out for lunch?

Raise your hand if you’ll be one of the grumpy ones!

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