About Blogging

Fancy yet simple

Do you know the hardest part about blogging? The photos!

I can write all day long. In fact, I do. There’s no shortage of things for me to endlessly elaborate on. But pictures? Are they even required?

In short, yes? Some? Ugh. This is hard.

Occasionally I use stock photos. Now, I know no one wants to hear that, but it’s the truth. Sometimes I don’t have time to take the photos I want; other times I feel like I keep repeating what I’ve already done. There’s only so many flower photos, people. Barring using the crazy self photos I take at the gym or after I run, it requires a conscious effort to include well thought out photos in each post. Believe me, no one has ever accused me of being well thought out hahaha

Somewhat miss these days

In the meantime, I try to keep these posts relevant and fun. If you have ideas for a post or a subject you’d like my take on, let me know! I’d like to say my door is always open… but I’m scared of the dark – yes, seriously – and it keeps the bugs out.


I ask you –

Fellow bloggers, what do you do for photographic content?

Any takers for the photography position I have available? Volunteer work only.

Enjoy the first week of June! Somehow we made it this far!

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