From the desk of the least creative person on the globe –


You may have a hard time believing this. Trust me when I say my astrological sign did me no favors. I have zero creativity. I am not the good idea fairy. I’m a left brain with very little common sense and no fight or flight response. I just stand there. Like an idiot. True story.

But in an attempt to be more creative and see what I can accomplish, I drove past an estate sale in my neighborhood over the weekend and decided to stop. You know what they say about trash and treasures. I was not disappointed! I found an incredible treasure! The chest of my visions. This exact chest was the one I envisioned when I transformed broken eggs into beautiful butterflies. For $20, my dreams could be realized.

Ok, so it wasn’t exactly the dream I had pictured. This one seems to have been decorated with wallpaper. The chest in my mind is bold and dark and symbolic of the mental strength I’ve been diligently working toward for months. Insert elbow grease, a sander, and some wood stain. Ta-Da!

a work in progress

I removed the hardware and began sanding it. Gone is the tan finish and the wallpaper inlay. P.S. it smelled like a very, very old home. No offense to the nice ladies who parted with it. I hope it kept safe many fantastic memories.

I also purchased a decorative wall thingy ($4) and a large corner table ($6). Apparently there was a sale going on after 1pm and everything was more than half off the original price. Now I see why garage-sale’ing is a sport. Separate post forthcoming.

Unfortunately for my readers, this post doesn’t end with a photo of the finished product. I promise to have a big reveal when the wall thingy, table, and chest are 100% complete. I don’t mean to tease you. That’s not my intention. But I am so excited about this project and I hope you’ll be as amazed as I am. I won’t make you wait too long!


I ask you –

Do you enjoy attending garage or estate sales?

Fun fact: my parents are notorious for buying loads of junk at these sales for pennies on the dollar.

Have you ever refurbished something? Tips?

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