Cookie Conundrum

Not sure why it’s a conundrum because there’s really no problem with the amount of cookies I eat. The problem exists when I run out!

No one: Man can not survive on cookies alone!

Kel: Challenge accepted!

Desperate times. desperate measures

Must be no secret how much I love baked goods.

A lovely member brought me this strawberry cupcake

Weekend activities:

Chocolate Sheeth Cake (don’t knock my spelling, there’s a story behind this)
Baking with my mini human

Even the Munchkin gets in on the action. She’s a super helper!

All the cookies!

More evidence of addiction.

I love to run. Most people know that about me. Truth is, I have to run. Because I like to eat cookies. I don’t have a problem!

It’s that balance we’ve spoken about. I balance cookies with a 60% keto, 30% active lifestyle. The other 10%? Reserved for baked goods. Sometimes the scale tips one way or the other and I fall off the wagon for a short time. Inevitably I get back on. Begrudgingly. Complaining the whole way. But I do it! And life is good for awhile. Until that craving hits me again. You’d think all the getting up/falling off would knock some sense into me.


I ask you –

What’s your comfort food of choice?

Baked goods…yay or nay?

Thoughts on practicing mindful eating? (look it up)

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