Eggs and Butterflies

Couldn’t have taken a better photo myself!

I’ve had a breakthrough of proportions even I cannot fully fathom. It’s that touchy-feely stuff society says we shouldn’t address in mixed company; to be kept behind closed doors. Just this morning I turned a broken egg into a butterfly.

I envision mine scattered along a tile floor, but hay works, too

Beyond science, this probably isn’t possible. Metaphorically, anything is possible! And when you give someone the power to change their own life, impossible begins to mean you just haven’t had success yet. Not yet. And this is how I created butterflies from cracked eggs.

Mental imagery is important. Much like the internal jukebox always playing a catchy tune, what we see in our own minds defines us. A Rorschach Ink Blot of the subconscious, if you will. Providing someone tools to deal with life’s nuances is a gift of the few. I’m always amazed at how easy it is to solve another’s problems without taking a realistic look at our own. Raising my hand high. On a never ending path to self-discovery, compassion, forgiveness, boundaries, and self love are just a few stepping stones.

While driving home just last night, I began a popular audio book, Girl, Wash Your Face. As told by the author, this is her story of overcoming feelings of not being good enough not only in her marriage and personal life, but also as a mother. She immerses herself into work because that’s where she feels her true success and accomplishments lie. 3 chapters in I quickly realized she gets me! You mean I’m not alone?!? Clearly not because this book is now a bestseller. You may recognize another of her books, titled Girl, Stop Apologizing. Next on my list.

Ok, we get it, Kel; but what does all this mean? And where are the butterflies? In short, the butterflies are what you’re letting go of. Be it negativity, heartache, trauma, or the young person you once were; it must be examined, forgiven, and transformed. You don’t have all the answers. You’re not expected to! The only person expecting you to know everything is you. It’s ok when you don’t. Join the club. Health and wellness are more than what the scale tells you, more than how much you can lift, more than the miles you traverse in your favorite running shoes, more than the calories consumed. Being “well” is all parts of you functioning on the same level for the long term. It’s asking for help…being as compassionate to yourself as you are to your best friend…falling apart and picking the pieces back up.

I picked up an almost broken egg from an egg carton, placed it in my special box, and butterflies flew out. No, I’m not having a mental break. I’m turning the pages oh-so-slowly between a strong body and a strong mind. A quiet mind. One where I understand how unstoppable I am. There will be more eggs in varying stages of crackedness I must address. It’s tough saying goodbye to what we’ve known for so long; however, for now, I will relish in my ability to simply let go.

Add a touch more yellow to my butterfly – much like a Transformer


I ask you –

Favorite metaphors?

Do you even eat eggs?

Thoughts on the difficulty of merging body and mind?

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