Behind the Desk + Lessons in Kindness

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—

I took the one less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference.

  • Robert Frost
H2i – Hired-2-inspire

Me? I just wear a lot of black and laugh too loudly. (…but I’m serious) Ok, so I also have a dark sense of humor, am an overachiever, and know all the songs to Disney’s Frozen.

circa 2018 at my parent’s home in NE Texas
Note: I’m not wearing black

My journey with Anytime Fitness began in November 2010 in Oklahoma, specifically a small city named Lawton, home of the U.S. Army’s Training Center. Lawton would be a turning point in not only my fitness career, but also a military career a few years later. More to come on that –

Previously, Anytime Fitness Roanoke wass my new home away from home. I have always considered the gym to be my second home because it’s a place where I feel comfortable, where I’m surrounded by like-minded people, and a calm to my storm. For me, Anytime Fitness is more than a gym; my values and desire to be strong are echoed in each person I meet. I bleed purple. Have you met those people who have a tattoo of the Running Man? #goals My dream is to own an Anytime Fitness location, so being an H2i was the second best thing I can do!

In Spring 2020, amid a pandemic, I accepted a government position working for the USAF. I coordinate many programs and have a ton of fun. More laid-back than anything else I’ve done, even managing gyms, it allows me to maintain contact with the military, as well as utilize my best administrative and extroverted skills. It took several years to get in; I’m not hurrying to get out.

It’s no secret what I wanted to do with my life. From the time I was toddler, I always wanted to be a teacher. How does this relate to fitness, you ask? Teaching and training go hand in hand. In my opinion, there’s no better way to learn than to teach oneself.

I’m a runner. At last count: 7 half marathons, a 10k, and countless 5k’s. During my time in the US Navy – told you I’d get back to that – running was mandatory. I didn’t particularly enjoy it. It was just “ok”. Funny how once people stop telling you what to do, you learn to love it. The first day I received my golden ticket out of the Navy, I decided to run my very first half marathon. What an experience! Hooked.

Munchkin & I at the Crawlin’ Crab Kids Kilometer

Some of the training cycles are tedious. Some are too long. Fortunately, I quickly learned what worked well for me and now I create my own plans. Alternately, when I’m hating the plan, there’s only one person to blame. Ehhhh, life goes on. Only a few things in life compare to the feeling of accomplishment when crossing the finish line after all the sweat and tears (and sometimes even blood for those unfortunate few).

Currently in the throes of threenagerhood (trust me, it’s real), balancing work, life, family, and working out is tough. Add a training cycle, an out-of-state race, or even long hours and it can create havoc. My mini-me is the most flexible and forgiving person I’ve ever met. Her grasp of expression/language makes me proud; also, terrified. From a mother’s perspective, I try to rationalize what a strong, young girl she is because she sees how much passion I have for the things I love to do and I’m creating an independent, strong-willed, passionate (future) woman. We run together, we have long talks about her feelings, and we tell stories. But you know what the biggest lesson I could ever hope to teach her? BE KIND

Munchkin, age 2

You may not think that behind this huge desk is a way to make a difference. However, it’s important to seek out those less fortunate, those needing a kind word, the many who are in need of shelter and solace, the ones who served our country and came back wounded in mind and body, those in our local community also looking for an opportunity to make a change. Will it be difficult? Oh yes. Will it be worth it? Absolutely.


I ask you –

Do you have a favorite poet or artist who inspires you?

Tell me about your family! Siblings, children?

What lesson has impacted your life positively?

3 thoughts on “Behind the Desk + Lessons in Kindness

  1. Emily Dickenson is one of my favorite poets. I am a retired schoolteacher and write poems about nature, my memories, and my family. I added a blog to my website as an antidote to the isolation of the pandemic. At 71, I find that there is an infinite amount to learn and always something to do.

    I enjoyed reading your post about your life. Your daughter is a cutie! ❤ Have a great week!


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